Founding phase

Franz Wimmer founder of the company WFK GesmbH
1960-1964 toolmaking apprenticeship; SIEMENS Wien
1965 changed to plastics industry
1989 founding of the company WFK GesmbH
Franz Wimmer founded die Fa. Werkzeug-, Formenbau und Kunststoffproduktions GesmbH in Hornstein in 1989.


Company development

1989 Founding of the company WFK GesmbH
1989 First injection moulding machine
1990 Begin of production of tools and moulds
1991 Purchase of further injection moulding machine and the begin of production of small parts
1991 Purchase of the whole property
1993 Founding of the company WFK-Ü in Hungary
1994 Divesting of the mould production by the founding of Franz Wimmer Werkzeugbau GesmbH
1995 Purchase of a 250 t injection moulding machine and then the production of large parts
1996 Begin of production of components and development
1998 Certification of the QM system according to EN ISO 9001:1994
1999 Addition of an office building and a production facility for transparent parts
2000 Extension of our QM system to TS 16949
2001 Going into two component technology
2001 Membership of plastics cluster“
2001 Re-certification of QM system according to EN ISO 9001:2000
2002 Erection of a new 600 m2; production facility

The company starts up in 1989 with plastics processing. Only a few years later WFK is doing pioneer work in the development and production of turned, bent and stamped out of plastic for the automotive industry. In 1990 the company is restructured with the aim of being able to offer comprehensive and flexible complete solutions: analysis & development, prototyping, small series and individual production, large series production and component solutions. In 1999 the staff celebrated the company’s tenth anniversary with great optimism for the future. A forward looking basis for the company has been created with the two core businesses of tool manufacture and plastics processing.